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Storage and Data Management

Whether you're looking for a small offsite backup or trying to organize petabytes of data, we've got the tools and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

System Architecture and Design

Need help taking your design to the next level? Bytewise will translate your big ideas into a working design.

Cloud Services

If you're thinking of moving to the cloud or need expertise in managing your current cloud environment, let us help! We've got experience with AWS and other cloud services to help you make the best choice for your applications.


We've climbed a few mountains, but we're looking for our next challenge!

  • Cloud migration, training, and integration

    If you are confused about whether commercial cloud services are appropriate for your needs, Bytewise can help you find the path. With broad experience from the commercial cloud resources to local virtualization and everything in between we can offer a solution tailored to your individual needs.

  • Configuration and Change Management

    Managing your infrastructure and ensuring updates and other changes are rolled out smoothly can be a challenge, especially if you aren't a systems administrator! We specialize in developing custom configuration and change management solutions based on popular open source tools like Puppet and Ansible to help you manage your infrastructure without breaking a sweat.

  • Secure backup and replication solutions

    Having collectively managed large amounts of data, the Bytewise team is well versed in developing and implementing offsite backup and replication solutions to fit any budget or need. Whether you need to backup 1 terabyte or 20, we can help you find a suitable solution for your specific needs.

  • Getting started with scientific computing

    If you need to get your lab or research group started with scientific computing Bytewise is here to help. We can get you started with any level of computing solution you need from small lab scale machines to large HPC clusters. Bytewise will remotely manage all of your software and administration needs so you can get on with your work.

  • What's next?

The Bytewise Consulting Team

Broad experience for your unique requirements

Dan Timmons

Dan has been involved in providing IT services for researchers for over 12 years. These services range from desktop support, storage administrator, web developer to leading a highly functional HPC team to meet the demands of scientific research.

Jonathan DeMasi

Jonathan's start in open source began nearly 10 years ago when he contributed to his Ubuntu local community team. Since then, he's developed into an accomplished systems administrator and has a wide variety of experience ranging from secure VPN solutions to large-scale ZFS-based storage management.

Matt HG

Matt has been designing, delivering, and maintaining IT services in complex research and enterprise environments for more than 10 years. With a specialization in HPC, networking, virtualization, and commercial cloud integration he can help find the right solution for your particular computing needs.

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